Welded Steel Sculpture
Architectural Oddities

Royce Carlson creates whimsical welded steel sculptures and architectural oddities using
found objects, recycled materials and new steel. He creates these things in Prescott, Arizona.


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  Architectural Oddities

Arni House

I did a lot of things on this house designed by Michael Frerking of Living Systems Sustainable Architecture. I made the railings, gates, archways and a pergola.

Mailbox Monument

This monument is made out of steel with a natural rust finish. It was designed to mimic the boulders on the site as well as match a gate I made for this client several years ago.

Voelkel Railing

This was a fun one. The client told me I could do whatever I wanted. I used found steel objects for the infill on the railing panels.

Tidwell Fireplace Surround

Another project for Living Systems, this fireplace surround design brings images of nature into the house in the abstract lily pad design on the doors.

Stairway to Heaven

This spiral staircase is both a sculpture and a stairway. Each tread of the stair has a different pattern. The top of the central post has a spinning element.

Helical Stair

Curved railing on helical stair. The stair stringer was covered in layered steel plate to give it an "old factory" look

Balcony Railing

Made from solid round rod and square tubing with some forged steel bits.

Deck Railing

Steel infill panels in log railing. made from square tubing and solid round rod with some hand forged elements

Arched Double Gate

Hand forged scroll-work, steel tubing and skeleton plate.

Driveway Gate

Has a fossil ammonite attached in the center.

Craftsman Style Gate Garden Gate

Found objects welded into two gate frames.

double gate Gate and Matching Panel
Tall Entry Gate

Arched top with skeleton plate infill.

Entry Gate

Arched top with skeleton plate

Small Entry Gate Solid Gate

layered sheet steel and a found-object latch mechanism.

Sign Arch

Rocks were drilled and mounted within the steel structure. The painted wooden sign was made by someone else.

Sign Arch close up


Spiral Downspout

functional sculpture catches water from the roof. Installed and Highlands Center for Natural History.

Freeform Stair Railing

made out of 1 1/4-inch rebar and various sizes of solid round rod.

Highlands Center for Natural History deck railing. Entry Arch with hand blown glass by John Lutes
Deck Railing Door Pulls

Hand forged

Yavapai Regional Medical Center decorative panels. Yavapai Regional Medical Center decorative panels.

Cosmic Steel
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Prescott, AZ 86305