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Royce Carlson creates whimsical welded steel sculptures and architectural oddities using
found objects, recycled materials and new steel. He creates these things in Prescott, Arizona.


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Mach, 2013
Entry Arch at East Jesus

 One of my ongoing projects is making art out of steel junk at a place known as "East Jesus."  This entry arch was begun in 2010. It was a collaborative effort. This is what it looked like in February 2013. East Jesus gives me the opportunity to work really rough, using whatever materials I can scrounge. Find out more about East Jesus at www.eastjesus.org. This photo was taken by Flip Cassidy.

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Mailbox monument for a client in Prescott, AZ. All steel with a natural rust finish. The irregular shapes are meant to mimic the granite boulders at the home site.

Cosmic Steel
21125 W. Walnut Creek Rd
Prescott, AZ 86305