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I propose to introduce the students to concrete sculpture while at the same time build upon and reinforce any sculptural knowledge in place. I teach to the Arizona Arts Standards in conjunction with the faculty and curriculum in place I cover the science of concrete, the history of sculpture and the sociology of art in the community. By creating multiple, individual pieces of concrete each student will explore different methods of sculpture. Some of these pieces will be combined into a monumental, group sculpture that may take the form of a wall, an obelisk, a bench or even an animal. The form of the group sculpture may be determined by a consensus of students, staff, administrators and even community members. Ideally, this piece will reflect the character of the community, its history, or a universal concept such as "peace". The community will also be invited to donate scrap tiles, stones, broken dishes or other ceramic items. The final product would be reminiscent of Antonio Gaudi’s amazing mosaic work in Barcelona, Spain.

I am a firm believer in Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. I like to approach the student in as many realms as possible to stimulate a variety of learning modes. This is best done through the cooperation of other faculty members who can contribute information about the curriculum. The slant of my information can easily be tuned to compliment what the student is learning in other classes. Visual aids such as slide shows, handouts and demonstrations would support teaching sessions.

The specific learning level and standard addressed will depend upon the current development of the group being taught. The beauty of this medium and project is its adaptability. All groups involved will make art. The core group will focus on the elements of art including balance, texture and repetition. We will also analyze realistic and abstract art and compare with historical sculpture from various cultures. Older students should be able to explore levels of Proficiency or even Distinction according to the Arizona Art Standards.

The final project will be a powerful expression of all the students involved and will add a permanent, representative presence to the campus and the community.


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