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Glendale Public Library
Glendale, AZ - 2006

The Glendale Public Library, under the direction of the Water Conservation Department of Glendale and with the cooperation of Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School

*This project won the 2006 Govenor’s Pride in Arizona Award for the innovative combination of Water Conservation Education, public art and community involvement.

There were three pieces of art created and placed in the library’s south garden:  a small wall with artwork created by the students of Sahuaro Ranch Elementary after school program; and two mosaic sculptures of the Earth and a hemisphere representing a cross-section of the Earth’s mantle and watershed patterns.

Special thanks to Joetta Miller and Joanne Toms for their passion and energy that made this project happen.—and the friends of the library, the girl scouts, neighbors, friends, passers-by, the City of Glendale, the AZ Commission on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts.




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