Burning Man 2005 - Psyche
August 29 - September 5

This year the Temple of Virtual Wisdom combined with Devil Duck Camp which had a movie theater and a body painting salon. There was free popcorn, and other interactivities. The camp combination was a great success.

It was also Creagan's bachelor party. We had a metal and fabric "cake" for people to jump out of. One of the other fun activities at our camp was a waffles and mimosa breakfast on Friday for our neighbors.

Mr. God shot video this year and edited it down to a 43 minute movie to give as a gift to the camp members.

The CadWac made the 800 mile journey to Black Rock City from it's home in Prescott, Arizona and back with no problem. It was a lot of fun having an art car on the playa.

We had 17 people in our camp - Royce, Creagan, Sharon, Ty, Robert, Kismet, Hot Danish, Mark, Andrea, James, Susanne and her daughter, John, Jeff, Gene, Juniper, Dawna

We camped at 6:45 on Catharsis street. Fun was had by all.

See the photos.