Burning Man 2004 - Vault of Heaven
August 30 - September 6


This year at Burning Man, the Gods brought a wind sculpture called "Cosmos" made by Royce Carlson. It was set up in the 9:00 Plaza during the event. Here's a picture of it before it got covered with dust:

"Cosmos" is approximately 20 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter around the base. The hemispheres are sheathed in brightly colored Spandex. They spin around the vertical axis with the wind. The sphere below is turned by the motion of the wind catchers above. Each level of the wind catchers is on separate bearings so that the wind spins them in alternating directions. The whole thing is made out of welded steel sections that bolt together. The axle is 1" diameter cold-rolled steel. The wind catchers are attached to a 2 1/2" diameter steel pipe containing ball bearings and thrust bearings.

January 29, 2005 - I set up COSMOS in front of my welding shop. The next night it snowed. See a picture of COSMOS in the snow.