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Web-Cast from Black Rock City?

BURNING MAN 2001 - an amazing event of experimental community and radical self-expression that 
ran from August 27 to Sept. 3rd 2001.  Visit their web site at http://www.burningman.com


August 24 - We left Arizona for Burning Man

August  25 - Arrival at Black Rock City

August 27 - The event officially begins.

September 1 - The Man Burns

September 3 - The event officially ends.

September 5 - We return home.

This photo taken by Royce Carlson 2001

It didn't work! We came so close to being able to post images directly from Burning Man via satellite but one piece of software messed it up. Which is just as well, I suppose. Better late than never, though. Check out our 10-page photo essay

The Black Rock Desert is a difficult environment to try to run computer equipment in. First of all, it's remote. A cell phone won't work there. A satellite connection is the only way to communicate with the outside world.

It's hot (not good for computers) and it's dusty (also not good). During the day I had to hide under a blanket in order to even see the screen on the laptop and when it's 100 plus degrees, hiding under a blanket sucks bad. 
                     ..... continued.....

Two thirds of the Zenzibar crew (2 of us) were at Burning Man this year at our theme camp, The Temple of Virtual Wisdom. We went early because I brought a large artwork that was the front entrance to the Center Camp Cafe.

This is our third year attending Burning Man. In our estimation, this event is the heart of something new and important. In the last few years the goings-on at Burning Man have influenced mainstream media, youth culture, and the culture of technology in many ways. It is a seedbed for new ideas and expression. Read an article by Royce Carlson on why we do it

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