"The Suessian Pedal Tractor"

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The Suessian Pedal Tractor is a three-person mutant tricycle that was built for kinetic sculpture racing. It does not have tires on the rear wheels. It has shoes. I built it mostly out of recycled steel, scrap from my shop, and old bicycle parts. There are two seats, side-by-side in between the big wheels, each rider has a set of bicycle pedals. The front rider pedals and steers. It weighs about 250 pounds.

I started it in the beginning of June 2008 with the goal of having it done by the Prescott Valley Kinetic Sculpture Race on September 13th. I got it done before August 22nd, so it went to Burning Man 2008, too.

Here are photos and descriptions of the process of building it.

I started by taking apart some old bicycles I had laying around my shop yard.


This is the central part of the vehicle. I added about 7 additional feet to the length of a bicycle frame.

The big rear wheels are 6 feet tall and have 16 spokes each. They each weigh about 55 pounds. They mount onto a 1" diameter solid steel axle. Shoes go on the metal "feet."
The pedals will drive a very small sprocket so the pedal tractor is geared down enough that it will be easy to pedal it around.
The seats are on and the front wheel, too.

A canopy, umbrella, and some paint are added. Oh, yeah, the shoes, too!

The pedal tractor at Burning Man 2008. That's me up front and Janabanana and Pleasure in the back.

The Tribal Truck




Prescott, AZ


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