Prescott, Arizona Art Cars

All these wacky vehicles live in the small town of Prescott, Arizona.

Clarice the Caprice - 1989 Chevrolet Caprice
by Ty Johnson

Fin Truck (or Tiger Truck) - by Woody

Big Red - 1981 Ford F150
by Jack Saville & friends

La Luna de Tuna - Chrysler mini van decorated with paint, sea-shells and more.
by mural artist Cheryl Foley

Tribal Truck - 1988 Nissan Stake Bed Pickup
by Royce Carlson

The CadWac - 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood
by Royce Carlson

Penny Truck - Toyota pickup
made by Terry Stone,
owned by Show Business Video.

It's covered with over 11,000 pennies

Rosalea - a decorated trailer
painted by Cheryl Foley

Ricky the Rainbow Shark - 1981 Toyota Corolla
by Juanita Hull-Carlson. Created in 1997, this is the car that started the art car craze in Prescott

Recycle Car - mid 80's Pontiac 6000
decorated by the attendees at Prescott's Earth Day celebration, 2005 under the direction of art car artist Juanita Hull-Carlson

Music Car - 1996 Toyota Corolla
Created by the staff and students at Franklin Phonetic School under the direction of artist Juanita Hull-Carlson

"Road Art" - Artist Dave Newman's "under-construction" art truck. It's a 1977 Chevy half-ton  He is covering it with paint, collage, and metal sign pieces.

Ruby Blue by Laura

The Pink Dragon
by Anastasia Millison

Aquarolla - mid 80's Toyota Corolla decorated by the Prescott community (under the direction of Juanita Hull-Carlson) and raffled off at the 2006 Tsunami on the Square Festival.

Volkswagen Thing by Tessa

Grafitti Van. I don't know who owns it but it was painted by Brian and Colin in August, 2005 using spray cans as a demonstration of aerosol art at The Art Store in Prescott.

I plan to take photos of all the other Prescott, Arizona art cars and display them on this page. I know there are more cars that I don't have pictures of

If you own one of them or have a picture please contact Royce at

(you will have to type the above address manually. I am trying to avoid spam robots that scan web pages for email addresses)

Don't miss the 2006 Art on Wheels Parade in Prescott on June 17th at noon.

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