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The Zenzibar Alternative Culture web site was started in 1999 by Royce Carlson. A partnership was formed a little later with Creagan McConnell and Robert Tait. The website grew for awhile and actually began to make some money before the dot com crash of 2000. By the end of 2001 we ran out of money, dissolved the partnership and ceased doing business.

The domain, zenzibar.com, was retained by Royce Carlson. He kept a lot of the features of the commercial site going and added links to his personal stuff, too. So, now, it is really the personal web site of Royce Carlson and his wife, Juanita Hull-Carlson. The site still gets about 50,000 visitors per month which is quite good considering it is not promoted at all.


Royce Carlson was born in 1953. He was raised in Southern California and moved to Prescott Arizona in 1991. He has been an artist for 30 years and made his living as a steel sculptor since 2000. Until the sculpture thing took off, he worked in other art media and supported himself with various jobs, many of which were construction related. He has also studied energy and resource efficient building and design for many years. He is also part owner of Van Gogh's Ear gallery - an art gallery in Prescott, AZ. There's more info on his artistic background in his Artist's Bio/Statement. He loves to make things - wacky things. He married Juanita (Nita) in 1998.

Juanita Hull-Carlson was born in 1955, and was raised in western Michigan.  After a bachelor's degree in Ceramics and Art Ed. she taught art for 10 years, mostly in Michigan, Norway and Portugal.  Then after a Master's degree in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design she moved west and met Royce.  Currently, her art forms are cement sculpture and found object mosaic.  Often these media are taught during Artist in Residencies, sponsored by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The two primary focus points are building community and raising environmental awareness while making public art.  She is also working on a children's book about environmental activism.  The illustrations are hand colored, copper plate etchings. See Nita's resume.

Visit a blog of our art and creativity adventures - Adventures in the Zone

The Zenzibar web site has lots of pictures and information about our fun and professional activities:

Cosmic Steel - Royce runs a business that makes steel sculptures and architectural things like gates and railings. Here is where he puts pictures of his work. At left is a picture of a wind sculpture he made in 2004 called COSMOS.

Creative Concrete - This is Juanita's work. Concrete sculpture and mosaic. She works with schools all over Arizona creating public works of art that involve the children. At right is a mosaic raindrop made for a park in the city of Chandler, AZ


Art Cars - We both love art cars and have created several. We even promoted an art car event in Prescott, AZ for a few years called Art On Wheels.

Burning Man Adventures - We have been going to Burning Man since 1999. Over the years we have brought three different art cars, built a couple of playa art pieces, organized a theme camp, and participated in various volunteer capacities. On our Burning Man pages you can see photos from all the years we attended.

Sound Collage -Royce sometimes creates music on his computer. There are some sample downloads here.

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