Kumbha Mela 2001 Photo Gallery - Page 47
Photos from Feb. 23, 2001. This Kumbh Mela is over. 
Cleanup continues and life begins to return to normal in Allahabad. 

These tents in sector two belonging to the Mela administration will be dismantled by 15th March. Sectors one to three will be cleared up last because most of the Mela’s support services are based here.

Contract labourers have moved their tents from the other side of the Ganga where they have completed their task to sector two where the clear up process has just begun. This was one of the main entry points into the Mela area. It is now quiet.

* *
Composite photo of a part of the Sangam area at 3pm.

The Sangam ghat was blanketed with straw. It is now being systematically burnt on site.

A woman carries away a large bag of empty plastic containers. The water level at the Sangam has receded far into the background.

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