Kumbha Mela 2001 Photo Gallery - Page 30

 Photos taken on February 3, 2001. The quiet time between bathing days. The next one is February 8.

You get your flower offerings to the Ganga from here. Rs1 for a rose and Rs2 for an assortment in a leaf basket. The price of a necklace of flowers depends on its size.


A seller, looking out for parents with kids, while pilgrims alight from a trailer. Many take the opportunity to have their snan on a quiet day like today

Given half a chance, would you not pay to have your palms read?

* *

The view of the Treveni at 2.15pm. Not many people here today and many more sandbanks are visible. The water level has been getting steadily lower, being at its lowest level today since the Mela began.


Composite picture of the Sangam area at 2.30pm. Since there are not many people, cars have been allowed into the area. This area will begin to build up with people again by 6th February for Maghi Poornima on 8th February.

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