Special Report:  Kumbha Mela 2001


Allahabad is the site of the Grand Kumbha Mela. It is at the confluence of three sacred rivers, the Yamuna, the Ganga, and an invisible river that represents the spirit called Saraswati.


The mela grounds are right where the rivers come together. This area is called the Sangam. although a lot of activities also take place on the sand banks. (represented in brown on the map)


The Kumbh Mela area (Kumbhnagar) is surrounded by temples and ghats, which are platforms that extend into the river a short way that people use to access the rivers for bathing. Some of the captions refer to Sectors. The different colors on the map refer to different sectors at the mela: (2 is pink, 5 is orange.)


The gray area is the main beach at the Sangam. This is where most pilgrims want to enter the Ganga. The Kila Ghat is on the Yamuna (blue-green) side of the Sangam. The Saraswati Ghat is further to the right on the other side of the Fort.

On the Ganga side (bright green) there are seven numbered bridges. These are the pontoon bridges that you see in some of the photos.


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