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Editorial    by Royce Carlson

February 27, 2000

Socially Responsible Investing

The upcoming presidential elections are in the media these days and voting is on many peopleís minds. There is another way to vote besides going to the polls. There is a way to vote every day, and that is with your money. It is possible that you can do well by doing good if you invest responsibly. You can promote the kind of future you hope to see by investing in the companies that can take us to that future. This is called socially responsible investing.

There are several mutual funds and investment managers that invest only in companies that have a good environmental record, or a good relationship with their employees, or are humane to animals. Some specialize in particular interests, others have a broader portfolio. Visit Zenzibarís Social Investing category to find out more.

We can also "vote" with our money by choosing what we buy. If we are environmentally concerned we can buy products and services from companies with good environmental policies, for example. Check out Buy Green for information on buying environmentally responsible products. If you want to avoid products that are produced in sweatshops or by child labor, go to Sweatshops.org to find out what products are produced that way and what alternative products are available.

What we donít buy can also be a political statement that can be an influence in the way our future is shaped. The Boycott Board has a list of current progressive boycotts. Organized boycotts and public outcry can change the direction of business. If the market disappears, the product will follow.

We have a lot more control over what happens in our society than it sometimes seems. If we use our money to "vote" for a positive future we can be effective every day, not just when we vote for officials and propositions at the polling place.

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