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Editorial    by Royce Carlson

February 13, 2000

They’re Here!

If UFO’s and aliens from other planets are real, how come we have no evidence? The answer is, "We do!"

My experience is with the "Udder-mobile," which is what we called the strange object we saw in the sky one summer morning about two years ago. It looked like a huge transparent udder hanging motionless in the sky. We got binoculars and looked at it for a while and then another similar object came down from directly above it and when they got together both objects moved off at a high rate of speed. I wasn’t the only one that saw it. Four other people did, too. The newspaper a few days later reported it as an escaped weather balloon from New Mexico. Yeah, right!

That’s how it is with UFO reports and evidence. The government does not want us to know about this stuff. They make up stories about what it was you think you saw and then refuse to investigate further. But, they actually do investigate. We just don’t get to see the real results.

Still, there is a lot of information from non-governmental sources and some information leaked from the government out in the public domain now. There are several web sites like UFO Alert that contain collections of reports of UFO sightings and allow submissions of your UFO experiences. There are also sites that report on the government’s cover-ups of UFO sightings.

What do aliens look like? Visit Drawings and Pictures of Aliens to see renditions of people’s experiences and ideas about alien appearance. There are many reports of alien abductions where people are taken into spaceships and experimented on. Alien Hunter is a web site run by an alien abduction researcher.

Are all UFO’s extra-terrestrial in origin? Not according to the people at Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology. Some people believe that some UFO’s are really secret experimental military aircraft. But from whose government? And what planet?

If you don’t want to sit around passively waiting for a UFO experience, why not seek them out? There is a program called Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home where you can help search for extraterrestrial life. Or visit  The S.E.T.I. Institute .

As for me, I’m buying a big telephoto lens for my camera and I’m going to keep it loaded and ready for the next time the Udder-mobile shows up in the Arizona skies.

Visit Zenzibar’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Research category to find a great collection of web sites on this subject.

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