Editorial    by Royce Carlson

January 2, 2000

Armageddon or Utopia?

Since almost everyone seems to be discussing the millennium and looking toward the future I suppose I will, too. I guess itís because the year 2000 makes us think about how far we have come and how far we need to go. It marks a place in time, although an arbitrary one. Just about the whole world was involved in celebrating the millenniumís arrival. It was the worldís biggest party! It is a time of predictions and wishes for the future. What do we think will happen? What do we want to happen? How do we make what we want to happen actually happen?

Out on the edges of society are visionaries and dreamers, some of whom are incubating the next advances for us. We donít know what will find its way into the lives of the mainstream and what will either remain on the fringe or be abandoned. Just as Jules Verne wrote in the 19th century about travel to the moon, some thinkers and artists now are accurately predicting our future. Will it be a vision of Armageddon? Or a vision of Utopia?

Itís really up to us. All of us. Each individual decision and action is important to our collective future. If you look at any of the trends in our society, good or bad, they are the result of individual actions. If we want to have the future we envision we must act individually, in whatever way we can, to create that future. Now is a good time to start looking forward and backward from this place in time.

This is a good time to look at what we are doing. It is a good time to ask questions. How does our culture serve us? How does it hinder us? What decisions, made in the past, are adversely affecting us now? What past actions set a positive precedent? From this perspective we can begin to come up with a vision for the future. With a carefully thought-out vision we can begin to move toward the realization of that vision. Step by step we can create the world we want to live in. Letís get to it!

Happy New Millennium!

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