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"I pledge allegiance to the Earth, and all the life it supports. One planet, in our care, irreplaceable, with respect and sustenance for all"

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Photos taken at Burning Man 2007

Photo compilation - thanks to Janabanana and Dusty for a lot of these photos

Maia's photos
Bellequa's photos
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Lisa kicks butt in the Thunderdome - video

Photos taken at Burning Man 2009

Mr. God's Photos

Below are photos of the process of building the Amphibia structure



The planet named Amphibia
is wet and deeply green.

It’s quite a bit like Earth was once,
when dinosaurs were seen.

And on this planet far away
a special frog was born one day…

Infinity!—a hero’s name,
this frog was destined for Earth fame.

They told her the assignment—to save the frogs on Earth.

“Our cousins are endangered there,
 the humans rule without a care.

They’re stuck on greed and foolish pride, they do not see that deep inside,

They’re part of nature, not above it,
they need to learn to truly love it.

Act with LOVE and off you go—
be sure to give them all a show!"

And off she flew through deepest space
toward a new and different place.

She flew too fast for us to see,
She earned her name—Infinity!

At last she came to planet Earth,
a precious thing of unknown worth.

Where to start? She made her plan
to visit first the Burning Man


The Amphibia story is excerpted and altered from an upcoming children's book by Juanita Hull-Carlson